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Market Update November 2018

Well Happy New Year everyone. I wish I had full year numbers out right now, but all I've got till later this month is the numbers YTD for each area from back in November. The sales numbers for the full year won't be released by the Memphis Area Association of Realtors till close to the end of January.

According to the reports the number of sold, and the number homes on the actively on the market and pending listings at the time the report was released were both down for the month of November.

The Avg sales prices for the different areas are as follows:

Arlington - up 8.8% to $271,828

Bartlett - up 4.6% to $210,612

Cordova - up 7.7% to $183,259

Collierville - up 4.4% to $376,036

Downtown - down 3.4% to $224,310

East Memphis - up 10.9% to $201,503

Fayette County - up 13.4% to $265,322

Germantown - up 6.4% to $384,906

Lakeland - up 14.6% to $318,775

Midtown - up 7.7% to $178,402

Millington - down 2.3% to $131,818

to See the full report checkout the original article on the website or click

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