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Buying a House


So here you are, the last step before we begin the process of turning you into a home owner. This last step is important, because it helps to educate you about what steps you need to take to prepare yourself to make it to the end. It helps to release some of the nervousness about this process if you know what to expect. It's also a good thing to know what the common pitfalls are that can stop someone from buying a home, especially after they have made it this far.

This last step will ensure that the process will go smoothly for both of us, and it will also serve to make sure that we don't miss out on an opportunity for any number of reasons that could occur. Also knowing what to expect can prepare you for some of the situations that we may find ourselves in during the search. Some of these include, finding houses that appear for sale but are not, missing what looks like the perfect house, because we didn't act quick enough, or possibly getting into a multiple offer situation.

This last step will also include a detailed conversation about the home that you want to buy. Where you want to look for that home and why, and if there are any other possibilities for location. We will talk about what features you are looking for in a home, and whether those features are must haves, or simply just wants. After we discuss all these things, we will talk about the search that I'll be setting up for you, what some of the limits of the search are. (it is just software and it's good but it is not perfect)

And That's it! That's the last step before starting your search and finding you a home. There are plenty of other things that you will need to know before we get you to the finish line, and make you a homeowner, but we will discuss those as we start looking at homes. And many of those conversations are better had in person rather than on the phone. 

If by chance you don't want to wait for me to get back to you, and want to speed up the process by just a few more hours, you can either call or text me at 901-490-3542  or you can click that button below and go ahead and send me an email.

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