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3 steps that everyone forgets to take when preparing a home for sale.

Checklist for preparing your home to sell

So I do a lot of home visits prior to listing a home for sale in the Memphis area. My clients know that it is always good to have an agent familiar with the market to come out a take a look around prior to actually listing their home for sale. They know that there is always a few extra things that they can do to increase the likely hood of receiving a quick offer and I waned to let you guys know what a few of those things that are always at the top of the list are what I wanted to talk to you about today. The top three really.

See I usually have at least 2 of these three things to offer as suggestions to my clients that almost every home I do a home visit to are in need of. If these three things get done, then you are on a good path to having your property market ready.

When preparing your home to sell, wipe down your baseboards

1) When preparing your home to sell wipe down the baseboards.

This little chore can be a tough one to accomplish, but it makes a huge difference. Even when using a professional cleaning company if this is not specifically told to be done, it can be overlooked, leaving a large amount of visible dust for all visitors to see. This can make a home with everything else perfectly cleaned appear to not be so.

2) When preparing your home to sell clean all your tile mortar lines

This one isn't as big as the baseboard item, and isn't quite as prevalent as that either. It can make a huge difference though if it is needed. Sometimes lighter colered mortar in between your kitchen and bathroom tiles can pick up a significantly darker color from normal wear and tear over the years. a quick call to a company that specializes in this type of cleaning can lighten it back up and make it significantly more appealing.

When preparing your home to sell spray for weeds at the entry

3) When preparing your home to sell spray for weeds on the walk to your entry.

This is such a minor thing, but can make a big difference when you are in competition with another home that a buyer may like just as much and is trying to make a decision on which house that they will make an offer for. Even for people that take care of this thing on an on going basis for years can forget to do so during the spring in which they place to sell the home. That little bit of curb appeal on the walk from the car to the front door can be all that it takes to make up a buyers mind.

If you do these three items you are well on your way, and posibly better off then many of your competitors to be able to sell within a few days of hitting the market.

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