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Notice the small things vol 2

As I mentioned in vol 1"When purchasing a home, noticing the small things about a certain property can save you a ton of money." During your home search when you are viewing a home for the first time, ir even a second time be sure to take a minute to look around at the other homes around you. Do they have lush green lawns? Are they edged and cut? Take notice of the landscaping in front of the homes as well. Is it well kept and manicured? Are there flowers in the flowerbeds? If there are shrubs, do they look like they have been recently cut or does it look more like it has been years since the last time they saw a pair of shears? Is the grass on the lawn actually grass, or is it just a mixture of weeds.

What you want to look for is fresh mulch or top soil surrounding whatever flowers or shrubs that the home is landscaped with, shrubs that are pruned and shaped and a lawn, made up of actual grass, that is neatly cut and edged. Ideally there should be layers in the landscaping, meaning there should be taller things in the back closest to the house, and smaller things in front of them, giving the landscaping depth. Flowers that are pretty and colorful are a very nice addition to any bed, but are not necessary to have completed landscaping.

Another thing to look for when buying your next home is the type of grass growing in the yard. Here in the south, especially in the Memphis area, the most popular type of grass is Bermuda. This is because Bermuda grass can often times withstand the heat of a southern summer often times thriving on it. During late July and August, temps can rise into the 100 degree range during the day and stay close to 80 through the night, and we might go weeks without rain. Some other types of grass that are popular for this area are Fescue and Kentucky blue grass. These different grasses are harder to keep as they require more water in the summer to live, but also do not turn yellow or brown in the dormant season and stay green year round. Now the type of grass in front of a home is important because if there is actually grass in front of a home and not just a mixture of weeds, it means that the owner is caring enough to make sure that the curb appeal of their home is at its best. If there is actually a different type of grass in the yard and not Bermuda (and not weeds either), than the owner has taken especially good care of their yard as to patiently go through the numerous years it takes for a different type of grass to spread and take over a yard. If an owner cares enough to make sure that their yard is full of green grass, well kept, and well landscaped, than you can almost be certain that they will also be more caring when it comes to the inside of the home.

A neighborhood where every home is well taken care of, especially when it comes to curb appeal, will hold its value longer, appreciate faster, and draw higher sales prices comparatively over the long term time, thereby protecting and growing your potential investment as well.

If you enjoyed this article, have questions, or would like to begin your home search sometime soon, feel free to leave a comment below.

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