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What is a home warranty (update)

Well I have a quick update for you guys this morning, in a previous post about what a home warranty actually is and how important they were and what they covered, I discussed how important it was to get a upgraded home warranty because of the fact that they covered pre-existing conditions. This was very important because it offered a level of protection that I thought every buyer should have just in case something was undiscovered in the home inspection. Well, the home warranty companies have decided to no longer include these pre existing conditions.

This is a really big step backwards in how well these companies will protect a home buyer. Without coverage of pre-existing conditions, if you purchase a home with a home warranty and an item that is usually covered does not work and you do not discover it prior to purchasing the home the warranty coverage will exclude this item. This can be very upsetting, especially if your home inspector missed something, and can also be upsetting if it is a major system that cant be checked at the time of the home inspection, for instance, you really cant check the furnace if it is 100 degrees outside, and you really cant check the AC when it is below freezing.

All in all this can make a home warranty a lot less important when purchasing a home, not to say they arent good to ask for, but that upgrade that I loved is now not really all that important.

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